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Episode 612 - Round 2 with Kelly Fisher the So Cal Medium

Episode 564 - What Do The Spirits Think of the Bros with the SoCal Medium Kelly Fisher

IMperfectly Healthy
#048 Connecting and Communicating with the Spirit World with Kelly Fisher, SoCal Medium

Whistlin' Past the Graveyard Podcast
June 27, 2019
Families, Gatekeepers, &...
Kelly Fisher, spirit medium, shares her process and discusses her unusual skill set of communicating with the dead. It was delightful to speak with Kelly. She embodies a sort of Mary Poppins-like quality that brightens the room and makes it seem completely safe to die.

Motherhood Made Me: Believe in Angels
April 3, 2019
By Felicitas

A Little Dangerous #3 - Spiritual Medium - Kelly Fisher
Released on Febuary 1, 2019
Click the link above to be directed to iTunes to download this podcast from The Dangerous Game Podcast series

Kelly Fisher Interviews Ellen Browning Scripps in The La Jolla Light

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