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"I am completely blown away by Kelly’s grace and clarity! The first time I saw her, she gave me a message from my grandmother for my mom - her former mother-in-law who wasn’t always very kind to her. I couldn’t wait and called my mom as soon as I got into the car, and then had to pull over because I was overcome with so many emotions as I felt the decades of hurt dissolve and a weight lift from my mom. The message Kelly gave me was so healing in the instant that I told my mom what Grandma said via Kelly. Only my mom would have understood the complete message. I knew what Kelly told me was special, but the way she said it – the words she used – meant so much more to my mom. Forgiveness filled her heart, and we both felt showered with pure LOVE and gratitude! Kelly is a gifted healer! Since that first “chance” encounter with Kelly, she has given me many more personal messages from loved ones who have crossed, and every time I walk away feeling closer to my departed loved ones, more hopeful in my journey and incredibly blessed and grateful to know such a pure vessel of love, which is Kelly, my SoCal Medium! Thank you for being who you are and trusting what you do so well – your messages from heaven heal!" 

- Kimberly Wise ReCenter Speaker, Educator & Coach

"There is something profoundly gentle about Kelly's character and demeanor. Sitting down to get a reading with her is like talking with a loving friend. There's no denying her connection to spirit is real. She is a wonderful light worker and her readings are more than just repeating messages but true healings in and of themselves." 

- Jennifer M.

"Kelly is not just another medium. She has the rare ability to clearly communicate messages from Spirit in a loving, uplifting way. Kelly is a clear channel who will give you specific messages to ease your mind, heal your heart, and give you direction. I highly recommend Kelly's services." 

- Karyn Kulenovic

"My reading with Kelly was so loving, helpful, confirming and provided great guidance!"

- Lauren C.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to bring the peace to my life that was very much needed."

- Jana C.

"Kelly is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I had no idea what to expect when Kelly came to do a session with me. I have never worked with a medium before. When she got started I felt an overwhelming energy enter the room. It was intense, but warm. She brought messages through from multiple spirits who she identified as my loved ones and I confirmed. In the weeks following, multiple things came to light that corresponded with messages she shared with me. I am very opened to these things and know that Kelly is the real deal. I can’t wait to have her do another session in the near future!"

- Stephani L.

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