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Q: What is a Medium?

A: A medium is someone who can connect to people who have died. Mediums achieve this by connecting to the soul of the departed person on a vibrational and energetic level. The soul (sometimes also referred to as the mind) survives physical death and is able to communicate with mediums.

Q: Are psychics and mediums the same thing?

A: All mediums are psychic. The difference lies in the connection. When a medium is working psychically, they are connecting to a living person's soul. The word "psychic" comes from the Greek word which means "soul". When I work psychically, it's like my soul is giving the other person’s soul a big hug. When a medium connects with a spirit disincarnate (out of a physical body- separated by death) they are working on the mediumistic level.

Q: What’s it like to talk to the dead?

A: It feels like pure love. It really is the air I breathe. There is nothing quite like it in the everyday physical world. When the "dead" (they are really more alive than we are) come to communicate, I can feel their spirit. Spirit always comes in love. Spirit communicators most surprisingly have a great sense of humor and they are incredibly intelligent! They use this intelligence to communicate very meaningful messages in a short amount of time.

Q: Can I communicate with my loved ones who have passed away?

A: Yes, absolutely! This is what mediums do. When your loved ones communicate, they are able to share very specific and evidential information through the medium that can validate and prove that life survives physical death.

Q: Isn’t it scary and dangerous to communicate with the dead?

A: No, not at all. At least not in my experience. All communication comes in love and through love, which isn’t scary at all. I don't believe that our loved ones in heaven can harm us, so there is no danger in connecting with them. We all have free will here on earth as do our loved ones on the other side. If they didn't have a desire to connect with us, they wouldn't. I find they are always eager to communicate

Q: Can anybody be a medium?

A: I'm still working out what I believe here. As of right now, I believe that everyone is able to connect in some way to the other side. I think that we are born with varying levels of aptitude for connecting to spirit. I do know that it is an ability that, if present, can be developed further.

Q: If I see a medium for a reading, can I talk to a dead celebrity?

A: In theory, this is possible. I have connected with celebrities. It is not likely to work well if it were just for entertainment purposes. If there was a true need for someone to connect with a celebrity, then there would be a possibility of it working.

Q: Can mediums see their loved ones in spirit whenever they want?

A: No, not all mediums see the spirit world objectively. To see objectively means they see spirit people just like they see living people. I would say that mediums can connect to their loved ones whenever they want, but they cannot see them objectively whenever they want.

Q: I could never be a medium. Don’t dead people bother you all day?

A: This question made me laugh! I first discovered I was a medium because dead people were coming to me during my regular waking hours a lot. I grew up seeing spirit people in various places the same way I see living people. It wasn't until I learned that we can turn our awareness on and off that having this ability became a lot more manageable. If you see or feel spirit and don't want to for any reason, all you have to do, is tell them (sincerely) that you don't want to see or hear them. Set boundaries around when you feel it’s okay to receive messages from them or see them and when it is not okay. If you’re serious, they will respect your boundaries. It’s okay to tell them that you don’t want to receive anything from them at all. They’ll be there if you ever change your mind and you can get some peace and quiet in the meantime.

Q: What can I expect from a reading?

A: I've learned not to have any expectations in readings. I never know what is going to happen, which loved ones are going to come or what messages will be shared. I would say to expect the unexpected. In every session, a little bit of magic happens. People laugh, they cry and, most importantly, their hearts start to mend. 

Q: How Do I Prepare for a Reading?

A: There's not much you can do to prepare. Come as you are. Come comfortably dressed so that you can settle in during the session. Come open-minded. If you are hoping to connect with a loved one, you are welcome to bring something that belonged to them that I could hold during the reading. This is called psychometry. The act of holding an item that belonged to someone who has died can strengthen my connection to them in spirit but it is not necessary so don't worry if you don't bring anything. It’s also important not to cling to words, sentences or sayings that you demand of your loved ones to communicate during the session. This often does the opposite of allowing them to come express what they need or want to express. It can sometimes creates a block for mediums to work freely through the communication process. Your loved ones may come and call you the nickname that only they knew, but they may not. If your belief in their survival hinges on them calling out your nickname, for example, you may miss all the other miracles they came to give you instead.

Q: Can I Bring my Child to the reading?

A: Children are welcome to select group readings, but please use discretion when bringing a child under the age of 18. There are often details shared surrounding the death of loved ones that may not be age-appropriate. Please check the FAQs listed in the event details to make sure that you can bring your child along. Some events are adult only.

If you have an infant or crawling baby, please try to get childcare for them during your session. I've found that a crying baby or busy toddler, while adorable, can be a distraction to the spirit communication and session as a whole. If childcare is not available, please contact me privately prior to our session so that I can sweep the office for potential hazards to small children before the time of our session.

Q: Are Sessions Recorded?

A: Sessions can be recorded if that option is selected and added to your session. Zoom sessions will have a video component. The link will be emailed to you following your reading. In-person sessions can be audio recorded. If you add a recording on to your session (extra charge), I will record it and send you the recording via Dropbox in the days following our session together. If you do not add the recording on to your session, but wish to record it on your own device, that is okay. 


Q: I haven't lost anyone who I care to connect with, can I come to get some psychic/intuitive guidance?

A: Of course! I love working psychically. When I tune into you, I am able to see where you've been, where you are currently and the potentials for the future. This can be helpful in removing blocks, healing relationships, gaining clarity on a particular situation/s, understanding direction, identifying spiritual gifts and making future decisions easier.

Q: Do you get tired after you read?

A: This depends on the nature of the reading. If your loved ones lived long, fulfilled lives and found closure at the end of their lives with the people most important to them, the sessions can actually be energizing for me. Conversely, if I bring through a series of spirit communicators who need to apologize for mistakes they made in life or passed under traumatic circumstances, the sessions can be a bit draining. I've learned over time how to maintain my energy through big group readings as well as back to back private readings.

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: I do! I offer discounts to parents who have lost children, Military members and their spouses, teachers, hairstylists, first responders and healthcare workers (through the end of 2020). If you don’t have a code, but you fit into one of these categories, please email me for the code that you can use at checkout.

Q: If I bring a friend or family member to my reading is that okay?

A: I welcome your friends or family members, but please make sure that you book a group reading. Groups range in size from 2-15people and have varying charges and session times.

Q: What if I have a group larger than 15 people?

A: I offer group readings for groups larger than 15 people. There is an extra per person charge. If it’s a group much larger than 15, please reach out via phone or email and I can send you a quote for your group.

Q: I think my house is haunted! Can you help?

A: I offer house clearings. Clearings tend to calm down things that “go bump in the night”. I can often provide insights into what may be going on and why. Clearings are best booked by email. Please let me know what is going on in your home. If I think I can help, we can find a time to schedule the clearing.

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